The decision to take the step towards your oral health is an important one.  As a periodontist and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon we aim to make the experience as stress free, safe and positive as possible in addition to providing you with top notch care.  

We asked our patients to let us know how their experience was at our office and here is what they are saying:


Christine G.

 5 days ago


 Good experience – very friendly, informative and professional.

 I was very impressed with the politeness of the staff as well as Dr. Baldassarre . She was excellent at explaining procedures and I am totally confident that I am getting the best possible treatments and care. The Dr. was easy to talk to and encouraged me to ask questions. The overall atmosphere was friendly and professional. It was obvious that Dr. Baldassarre truly enjoys her vocation !



 Gary D.

 2 weeks ago


 Professional service.

 Everyone was very professional and polite. Very impressed.




 Denise M.

 3 weeks ago


 I was very apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect, but everyone was very friendly and made me feel at ease. The Dr. and her assistant were friendly but also extremely professional and certainly knew what they were talking about. I’m feeling very confident about my upcoming treatment.




 Arnold L. A.

 1 month ago


 I visited Dr. Pam for a consultation. She and her staff were wonderful and all went well. She offered several options regarding my issue and after speaking to my dentist expect to proceed with the work she suggested,



 Rhena P.

 1 month ago

 So far it is great.

 I hope all turns out ok.Dr.Pam is always very nice and explains what should be done.



 Dianne P.

 1 month ago


 Periodontal exam

 I have periodontal disease and went to Dr Baldasarre to find out what my options were (are!). I found everyone I came in contact with to be very friendly. I was given a couple of options and was very satisfied.



 Deborah D.

 1 month ago


 I had a graff done as my gum was receded from one of my teeth. Each step was explained to me as it was performed and my comfort was a top priority. All staff was courteous. I was without any issues.



 Riger B.

 2 months ago


 Very professional office and Dr.

I recieve all the information I needed to make the best decision. The staff was very knowledgable and friendly. Dr. Pam was awesome and gave me great information to make a very hard decision. Will definitely recommend anyone in need. Thank You.



 Brian G.

2 months ago


 Dr Pam was very good, she explained the upcoming procedure and what i could expect, during and after. The assistants and clerks all were helpful and friendly. I’m happy I followed up with my dentist referral. I was worried, but after the consultation, I’m confident everything will turn out great.



 Peter B.

 2 months ago


 Careful, thorough cleaning.



 David A.

 3 months ago


 Returning Patient

 I had a great experience … I have had Doctor Baldassarre perform work on my gums years ago and I am very pleased with the results.



 Sue G.

 3 months ago


 Initial exam & consultation


My first visit was pleasant with virtually no waiting time. Dr. Baldassarre provided a thorough exam and took the time to answer my questions, explain the the photos of my teeth where the gums had receded, as well as describe the procedure needed to correct my receding gums. I left the office feeling confident in Dr. Baldassarre’s skill and experience to correct my gum recession.



 Lawrence K.

 4 months ago


 Friendly, professional service

 Excellent care from hygienist, Laura!!



 Robert E.

 4 months ago


 Regular patient

 Have been a long time patient and their services are professional as well as friendly. Have regular cleanings three times a year all with the same hygienist. She is very through and a pleasure to deal with.



 Karen L.

 4 months ago


 Very Professional and friendly staff. Dr. Pamela Baldssarre is an excellent periodontist. She is very skilled and does beautiful work. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and I would recommend her to other people.



 Gloria H.

 4 months ago


 Have only had a consult so far, but this was a great experience. Everyone is friendly and they make you feel comfortable. I have a good feeling about returning to have some work done!!



 Steven A.

 5 months ago


Excellence every visit

I have total peace of mind knowing I am being treated by the best Periodontist in the business. Dr Baldassarre and her staff always make me feel welcome and comfortable. The results after the work is done are excellent and I’m always happy with what I see.



Bob P.

5 months ago


Professional, efficient, thorough, friendly service.

Because I always have an early morning appointment before going to work, everyone in the office does their best to get me through my appointment in a professional, efficient, and thorough manner, always with a friendly smile and conversation. This morning, I was off to work a full 15 minutes earlier than I’d asked for.



Emma L.

5 months ago


Good and friendly people.



By Steven Alter on 02/21/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

I have total peace of mind knowing I am being treated by the best Periodontist in the business. Dr Baldassarre and her staff always make me feel welcome and comfortable. The results after the work is done are excellent and I’m always happy with what I see.


By Bob Perreault on 02/21/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

Because I always have an early morning appointment before going to work, everyone in the office does their best to get me through my appointment in a professional, efficient, and thorough manner, always with a friendly smile and conversation. This morning, I was off to work a full 15 minutes earlier than I’d asked for.

Good and friendly people.


By Emma Leang on 02/06/2017 (Published on RateABiz)


Great Experience



By Jim Brown on 02/06/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

I was taking almost right away when I got there and everyone was a professional courteous and pleasant I appear to of made an excellent choice

Top notch


By Amy C on 02/04/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

Dr. Pam is very thorough in diagnosing potential problems. The hygienist, Laura, does an incredible job. She takes her time to discuss concerns and cleans thoroughly. All other staff is friendly, courteous, and professional.

Courteous and friendly service


By Sandra Lappas on 02/01/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

I have been going to see Laura for about 10 years (maybe longer?). She is professional, yet personable. Your office staff is always courteous and friendly. Thanks for the great care through the years. Sandra Lappas

Excellent periodontal work!


By Brigitte Fontaine on 01/25/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

This is the third time I come to this practice to have my gum grafted (each time in different quadrants) by Dr. Pamela Baldassarre, and I have nothing but praise. Seeing her confidence as she works on my gums is a great relief for a procedure that is anything but pleasant. Dr. Baldassarre knows what she’s doing and she does it with ease and good humor (like humming to the playlist tune for ex.). He assistant and the entire staff are very friendly too. I would recommend Dr. Baldassarre’s practice, hands down.


By Rosane Olinger on 01/16/2017 (Published on RateABiz)



By Richard L. on 01/16/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

Dr. Baldassarre and staff always make what could be a tedious event a pleasant experience.

Pain free procedure, excellent people


By Julie C on 01/12/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

Very professional AND warm staff from the woman you checked me in to the assistant. I had talked to others about this procedure beforehand and heard horror stories. Dr. Baldassarre is an expert and uses cutting edge techniques. She did a fantastic job and had my comfort and pain management constantly in mind. I had absolutely no discomfort.


By Maureen Guglielmino on 01/12/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

Great staff, friendly and professional

Professional, friendly and efficient


By Barbara Briguglio on 12/28/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Love Laura, no nonsense efficient service. Always enjoyable visit even if she digs deep into my teeth!

Great people


By John Pieper on 12/20/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I’ve been going to Dr Pam’s for more than ten years. I’ve always gotten great service. I love the way she cooperates with my dentist and my oral surgeon to provide complete coverage. Definitely sold on the benefits of periodontal maintenance.

My office visit for cleaning


By Ron C on 12/19/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Laura is the best. Very knowledgeable.

My First Visit


By Scott Wiegardt on 12/15/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I have seen numerous periodontists in my time. The second I met Dr. Pam I knew I picked the right doctor. She is very amiable and puts you at ease right away!

Friendly team takes the fear out of the process…….


By Ken W. on 12/15/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I have long had a fear of dentistry which ended up costing me. Luckily, Dr. Pamela and her crew have kept me coming longer than any practice in history. I appreciate their understanding of the fearful folks like me and their sense of humor.

Excellent care!


By Joyce Larsen on 12/12/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I came in for a periodontal cleaning, and as always, was welcomed and taken right in for my appointment. The care was excellent, the cleaning thorough, and everyone was well-organized, to set up my next appointment. Thank you for another great visit!


By Laura Bernard on 12/07/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

The entire staff are friendly and efficient. Although it is not my favorite thing to do, if I do need deep cleanings, Dr. Balldassarre’s office is where I choose to have them done.

Very professional


By Barbara Jablonski on 11/10/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I had work done here many years ago so it was a no-brainier to come back when I needed periodontal work done. All is well!



By Peter Heyl on 11/09/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

This is an expensive, detailed dental hygiene experience with attention obviously to periodontal issues. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Excellent, attentive care!


By Nancy Howard-Diener on 11/08/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

A great experience from beginning to end with everyone I came in contact with.

Highly Recommend This Office


By Margaret Rizzo on 11/08/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Very professional office and excellent service. I always feel the care given is extremely important to them. Staff is courteous and friendly as well.


By albee budnitz on 11/07/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Friendly, efficient, professional and quality service



By Kenneh Halle on 11/07/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Laura is the best!! She callled me today because there was a cancellation and I was able to come in for my preferred time. Her service and enthusiasm for her job is great.

Professional and friendly


By Barry Brenner on 11/06/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

as usual a professional and friendly appointment.


By Jacqueline Riley on 11/03/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Laura is the best!!! 😁


By Denise Dunn on 11/03/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

So accomadating with scheduling surgery and follow up appointments. The Doctor was assuring in explaining the procedure and expected outcome. Her assistants demonstrated post surgical and continuous care techniques I found helpful to add to my self care routine. Everyone was friendly & professional.

Professional and personal


By George Sharpe on 11/01/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Professional quality procedures with a very personal approach.


By Ralph DeSimone on 11/01/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Laura is the best.Going to Dr.Baldassarre since the 90’s and each experience is satisfying ,friendly,professional and caring about their patients.Seeing Laura since the 90’s and she is friendly,thorough and professional.Thank you,Laura


By Brian C on 10/31/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

The procedure was efficient and the care given by both Dr. Baldassarre and her assistant Jess was excellent. I recommend this practice to everyone.

Friendly & Professional


By Julie Howard on 10/26/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I always feel welcomed with smiling faces greeting me. The staff is professional and friendly. I’ve had great experiences and receive wonderful care. Thank you, J H

Friendly, high quality service


By Sandra Gauci on 10/23/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I have been a client of Dr. Baldassare’s for several years now. Her work, and that of her assistants has always been exceptional, and all the staff are very friendly and kind.

Professional and Friendly Service


By Trish Cook on 10/18/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Not my favorite way to spend an hour, but Lauren always makes it enjoyable with her fabulous personality along with her professionalism and advice.

Professional, friendly service


By NPT Tiedemann on 10/18/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Dr. Pam and her staff do a great job. I am very happy with all of the work I’ve had done there. Very friendly and very professional. Highly recommended.

Very professional


By Lynne Christensen on 10/18/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Very friendly, knowledgeable and explained things.

Great quality, great results, and professional.


By Carmen Solis on 10/15/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I have had 4 gum graft surgeries with Dr. Pamela Baldasarre in the Nashua office. Each time I’ve been in the office the staff is very polite and professional. They always greet with a smile and are so friendly. Dr. Baldasarre is very professional and does amazing work with my gums and makes sure I am completely comfortable. And the results of my surgeries have been amazing and life changing. I would highly recommend Dr. Baldasarre for any periodontal care.

Very friendly and professional.


By Joseph P. Anderson on 10/14/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

It was a nice experience, thank you, Joe.


By Mike Wagner on 10/03/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Very thorough with the cleaning. Good communication.

High quality of service, professional and so friendly.


By Dory C on 09/30/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Dr. Pam is the best! She is honest, talented and her expertise in the periodontal field is unsurpassed. I had been to three other specialists and not one could locate the underlining problem. The surgery went off without a hitch and the results are fantastic, no more pain. What more could you ask for. A true professional doctor and staff. Thank you Dr. Baldassarre.

Fine cleaning, even better advice


By Tony Scholl on 09/29/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Excellent technical contribution

Service is excellent


By Gary Chesney on 09/29/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Laura did a thorough and professional cleaning. Always a pleasure to visit



By Lori McIntire on 09/28/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Dr. Baldassarre performed surgery in the most professional and compassionate manner. From the receptionist through all the staff, they were welcoming and made the patient feel at ease.

Professional, Knowledgable Doctor and Staff


By Mark DiMeo on 09/28/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Very happy with my initial consultation. Intake was pleasant and the consultation was very thorough with knowledgeable doctor and staff.


By richard walas on 09/27/2016 (Published on RateABiz)


Friendly and efficient


By Karen Stanley on 09/26/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Loved my visit to Dr. Pamela’s office. Debbie at the front desk is extremely friendly and efficient. Liked the visual presentation; very informative. Dr. Baldassarre was very responsive to my questions. Definitely would recommend this practice to anyone with periodontal needs.

Great Periodontal Care


By DANIEL Mares on 09/21/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Thorough, patient-focused care from consummate, highly competent professionals in all areas.

 Very friendly and professional


By Ron Ciccone on 01/11/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Always a great experience. Diagnosis you can trust.


By Bonnie Kanin on 12/16/2015 (Published on RateABiz)

Professional, competent, friendly care.

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Professional, friendly staff delivered in an informative, supportive comfortable manner

***** By Anonymous Please on 11/19/2015 (Published on RateABiz)

Professional, friendly staff delivered services and gathered new patient, initial details in an informative, supportive comfortable manner. Dr. Pam made me feel I was in the right place, with the right person, and that my individual, unique periodontal needs would be met with a personal touch.


***** Recommended Kenneth H. 8/26/15 Great practice Laura is the best.

She makes it all enjoyable despite the fact that no one likes going to the dentist. Don’t ever lose her!!!! You have one great employee.

***** Recommended Frederick D. 8/25/15

Always receive professional and friendly service Laura is the best! She is always professional and clearly explains her services. Laura is always warm and friendly and makes the experience less stressful with our conversations and tales.

***** Recommended Marty R. 8/25/15 friendly, competent and professional

I’ve been a patient for a few years I have always found Dr. Pam and her staff to be professional and caring. Although, going to the periodontist isn’t a walk in the park, Dr. Pam and her staff (Laura, and Helen who I see), have always made it a relatively painless event. Laura and Helen, both have during routine cleanings, areas of concern which were quickly treated. They are good health teachers. Her front staff also are competent and friendly.

***** Recommended Mary V. 8/24/15  High Quality Service

Very professional friendly staff who are very well informed & knew the answers to my questions. DR. Pam was very pleasant & explained things in a way which you could easily understand & made me feel at ease about procedures which need to be done. Very well run practice which I would highly recommend!

***** Recommended Faye M. 8/23/15 Hygienist Helen is the best in her field.

I have worked with many… traveling to Boston for years… can not say I was impressed with them… Helen’s calm way always helps to relax me… she brings items in to further help her clients relaxation ~ her soft roll to put beneath your knees to help you back not hurt… her warming mit used with a lovely cream to add to the calming effect she tries so hard to create. Plus, the caring she shows me & I am sure she shows to each of her clients.

***** Recommended Anda B. 8/20/15 Helen was as great as always.

***** Recommended Dawn W. 8/7/15 Professional and Friendly

I have had the best hygienist, Laura, for years, she is always professional, kind, personable and very gentle. I have very sensitive teeth/gums etc and she has always been able to make my cleanings bearable. I will miss them all as I have left the area, Thanks to the team for always doing what is best for the customer!!

***** Recommended Nancy D. 7/27/15 Friendly and Responsive

During my first visit to the Dr. Pam’s office in Nashua, I found everyone very friendly and professional. Debbie at the front desk welcomed me as soon as I walked into the office. Kim was informative and friendly as she completed my initial exam. Dr. Pam was excellent. She did a great job explaining what she was doing and why. Great office. Highly recommend them

***** Recommended Ted A. 7/23/15 Great job — as always

***** Recommended Aurie S. 7/22/15

Laurie is excellent. Does a great job in telling you how to take care of your gums.

***** Recommended Cindy N. 7/20/15 I love my Helen!

I am so glad I met her 10 years ago! I really don’t mind getting a cleaning 4x a year with Helen.

***** Recommended leslie l. 7/15/15 always professional

awesome can not say enough about entire office, from front end to Dr. B, always recommend to anyone looking for this type of dentist….

***** Recommended Elisabeth K. 7/14/15

Great health service Helen is a great hygienist. She teaches me something new at every visit ***** Recommended Steve R. 7/13/15 Great service and friendly people

***** Recommended Maragret R. 7/10/15 Very professional office, staff very friendly and efficient.

I always leave this office with the feeling that I have experienced very high quality dental care.

***** Recommended Amy C. 7/9/15 Top notch

Dr. Pam Baldasarre and her staff make these visits as pleasant as possible. Appointments are kept on time. The staff is courteous and helpful. All of my questions and concerns are addressed, and it’s all done in a professional manner. Dr. Pam is thorough and takes the time to explain what her thoughts are about treatment.

***** Recommended Roberta V. 7/8/15 Very professional and excellent quality.

Helen is wonderful; she is a professional, efficient and effective.

***** Recommended Sonja M. 6/30/15

Helen has given me the best cleaning ever year after year. I also trust that she notices any changes in my gums and teeth.

***** Recommended Tricia W. 6/30/15 First time experience.

I’m not fond of having my mouth fooled around with, but this experience was a great one….Thank you for caring about how we as customers are feeling and being on top of improvements. I found nothing to improve except that while we have our mouth wide open and full of equipment, we can’t answer your questions…..I always think it’s funny how you all talk up a stream to have us answer back. Ha ha ha . No, really, everything was good!

***** Recommended Barbara S. 6/23/15 Excellent service

I am a very nervous patient, but felt very comfortable at my visit

***** Recommended Bruce H. 6/20/15 Always friendly and professional .

***** Recommended Donna G. 6/18/15 Thanks Helen!

***** Recommended Marilyn K. 6/11/15 Always a good experience.

***** Recommended Raymond M. 6/10/15 Cleaning good job

***** Recommended Raymond S. 6/9/15 LOVE THAT LAURA!

Laura has been keeping teeth in our heads for many years and thank goodness, she was able to work her magic for our Susie one more time today.

***** Recommended Thomas A. 6/4/15 Long time patient

And I will continue to be. That should say it all.

***** Recommended joyce w. 6/2/15 as always on time, clean teeth, knowledgeable staff

***** Recommended Diane G. 5/29/15 Love my hygenist!

Helen provides honest feedback on techniques and ideas to keep my gums (and therefore, my teeth) healthy. She is gentle and thorough. What more could I ask for?

***** Recommended Pamela B. 5/28/15

Laura is great cleaning my teeth.

***** Recommended Michele J. 5/26/15 Awesome practice !

Love the staff and doctors in this practice. Everyone is fantastic!

***** Recommended Michele C. 5/21/15  Worried for nothing!

From the very first visit with Dr. Baldassarre and her team I felt I was in good hands. I had my first procedure yesterday and, as I had hoped would be the case, it was a very pleasant experience. They even accommodated my last minute request for sedation (I had said at first that I wouldn’t need it, but a few days before the surgery I re-thought that and opted for it). Everyone was pleasant, professional and caring. I’m almost looking forward to my next procedure!

***** Recommended Kathleen J. 5/21/15  Good Appointment

Been seeing Doctor Pam for some time now. She works hand in hand with my Dentist on some long term plans for my overall dental health…which in the long run is overall health and wellbeing!

***** Recommended Ann G. 5/20/15

My experience with Dr Pam and her staff was pleasant, even though I had a lot of stress before my first visit. Thank you to Debbie at the front desk for being so helpful setting up my appointments. Dr Pam made me feel relaxed and comfortable and confident. Kim explained everything and was warm and wonderful during the procedure. I loved the music and the warm mitts and Dr Pam put me at ease. Thank You.

***** Recommended Tammy J. 5/18/15 Tissue Graft

I would definitely recommend Dr. Pamela Baldassarre for periodontal care. The office is very professional, starting from Deb at the front desk. The cost of my procedure and my patient responsibility with my insurance was explained very thoroughly. The dental assistant working with the doctor was pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional and made me feel very comfortable. I was a bit apprehensive but Dr. Baldassarre made me feel very relaxed by talking through the procedure explaining as she went along. I hope I don’t have to have another procedure, but if needed would definitely return to this office.

***** Recommended Raymond S. 5/14/15 I LOVE LAURA AND WHAT SHE DOES FOR MY TEETH

I first met Dr. Pam and her crew too long ago to remember when because my right rear bottom molar was getting ready to fall out. I think it was on the order of 30 years ago and she fixed it so it lasted until a couple weeks ago when it had to be pulled due to a cavity. I think that says a lot for her repair work! And, due to Laura’s care, I have had no similar problems with any more teeth.

***** Recommended sally p. 5/13/15 excellent, as usual

***** Recommended Joan M. 5/12/15 Dental follow up

This office is professional and courteous. Wait time was minimal and it is in an accessible location off the local highway.

***** Recommended Marilyn K. 5/7/15 Always good job done.

Experience was excellent. No problems.

***** Recommended Jane V. 5/6/15    Safe

Having oral sugary for me was a nightmare. I was so afraid. Dr. Pam and Debbie and Helen have made me feel so safe. They are concerned about my emotions as well as my oral health. Everything they do to make a person comfortable from glove warming mittens to an extra shot of Novocain when needed and to keeping my mouth moist when it was so dry. These are the extra’s I needed to help me keep on track with my oral problems. Thanks everyone. You are wonderful.

***** Recommended James H. 5/4/15 Very well done Very well done initial exam.

This service was highly regarded by a trusted friend, and I was not disappointed. I suggest you put it on your short-list of potential providers, I believe you will also be satisfied.

***** Recommended Rick E. 4/30/15 Expert Care

I have been a patient since 2001 and have had eleven very successful surgeries along with expert deep cleanings three times per year. Dr. Pam and her staff provide excellent care!

***** Recommended Michelle A. 4/29/15 Always a Positive and Professional Experience

I visited as part of a two week follow up for the receding gum skin grafting procedure Dr. Baldassarre performed. As with every visit the staff was very pleasant, personable and professional. Every step of the process was clearly explained to me and any questions I had were immediately answered.

***** Recommended Richard T. 4/29/15 Great handling of my issues…

I have super, SUPER high anxiety when in a dentist chair…The staff was extremely understanding and as helpful as possible to my problems. I’m not excited about going back, but I definitely will.

***** Recommended Pete B. 4/29/15 Incredible!

I am extremely impressed with the work Dr. Baldasarre did for me. Not an easy or quick procedure, but she and her staff were wonderful! I’m excited about me new smile. Highly recommended if you want the best. Thanks Dr Pam!