After Periodontal Surgery: Post op instructions

Post op instructions can be downloaded here: Perio Post Op Instructions

Post Operative Instructions Following Periodontal Surgery

 FIRST 24 HOURS:  to avoid bleeding, bruising, and swelling:

  • Do NOT rinse, Do NOT drink through a straw, Do NOT spit
  • Only drink liquids or eat foods at room temperature or cooler- NOTHING hot
  • NO physical activity for minimum of 24-48 hours- ie: exercise
  • NO medications that can thin your blood for 24 hours– ie: Aspirin, Coumadin (can start if no bleeding after 24 hours)
  • Apply ice to the outside of your face throughout the next 24 hours- 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off
  • Some bleeding is normal. If bleeding persists, apply pressure with gauze, a tea bag, or clean cloth. Sit in an upright position, no rinsing or spitting, apply pressure continuously for 45 minutes and repeat if necessary.

 DISCOMFORT: Is likely the first day.  The area can begin to ache again at the 3rd and 4th day because healing is most active, this is normal.

 RINSE: after 24 hours begin rinsing with warm salt water ONLY (a pinch of salt in 8 oz water)   Rinse only twice a day

SWELLING:  can occur following surgery, as can bruising

PERIODONTAL DRESSING:  It is fine if this plastic-like bandage falls off in the first 24 to 36 hours. REMOVE the dressing after 7 days if it has not fallen off and begin gentle brushing. 

 SUTURES: will dissolve between 3 and 7 days unless they are nylon, we will remove those

 EATING:  Avoid eating on the side of surgery.  Softer foods are easier to manage.

 ORAL HYGIENE: Avoid brushing the surgical area for 7 days post op. Do not use an electric toothbrush for surgical site for 6 weeks.  Avoid flossing until your post op appointment.

 TOOTH PASTE and MOUTH RINSE:  for 7 days post op do not use any mouth rinses or toothpaste other than toothpaste with cavity protection- ie: no whitening, baking soda, or peroxide, etc.

 MEDICATIONS:  Finish all antibiotic prescriptions.  We will provide a prescription pain medication BUT most post op pain can be managed by rotating ibuprofen and tylenol.  3 hours after you take for example, ibuprofen, you can take tylenol, three hours after you take the tylenol you will be ready to take the ibuprofen as 6 hours will have passed.

 ADDITIONAL:  Do not “pull on your lip” to look; Do not vigorously rinse or “pouch your lips”; Do not put gauze between teeth and gums to stop bleeding.