Soft Tissue Grafts, Recession, Root Exposure

Information on Soft Tissue Grafts and Bone Grafts:

We are using “Alloderm”: Do you have “recession of the gums”? Ask us if you are a candidate for using this human allograft material to rebuild your “gum” instead of your own tissue

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Gum recession is sometimes treated by retrieving soft tissue from the roof (palate) of your mouth. However, removing a section of your palate creates unnecessary pain and discomfort. AlloDerm® Regenerative Tissue Matrix enables your clinician to restore your smile without retrieving tissue from the palate. AlloDerm® RTM provides a natural esthetic outcome and a predictable alternative to using your own tissue.*

what is AlloDerm® RTM?

AlloDerm® RTM is donated tissue that has been processed to remove cells creating a regenerative tissue matrix. Its success in soft tissue treatments is documented by more than 10 years of dental applications and research.

AlloDerm® RTM safety

AlloDerm® RTM is widely used in the medical and dental fields for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Since its introduction in 1994, over one million AlloDerm®RTM grafts have been successfully placed. Donor tissue is extensively screened and tested and then undergoes proprietary procedures to ensure that AlloDerm® RTM is ready for use in patients.