Oral Cancer Screening with Velscope

Oral Cancer Screening: Introducing the Velscope

Oral Cancer

When found at early stages of development, oral cancers have an 80 to 90% survival rate. Unfortunately the majority of cases are found as late-stage cancers, accounting for the high death rate of about 45% at five years from diagnosis, and high treatment related morbidity in survivors.

  • Found early, while still Localized (confined to the primary site), oral cancer’s five year survival rate is strong: about 83%. Only 33% of all oral cancer discoveries fall into this category.
  • Found while Regional (after progressed to regional lymph nodes), the five-year survival rate drops significantly, to about 55%. Approximately 46% of all oral cancer discoveries are Regional.
  • Found late, oral cancer’s five-year survival rate is poor: approximately 32%. This accounts for approximately 14% of all oral cancer findings.

Clearly, finding oral cancer in its early stages is key to survival. Routine VELscope Vx examinations can improve the morbidity and mortality of oral-cancer, because the VELscope Vx system assists in early detection, potentially saving lives through less invasive, more effective treatment.

Clinically Proven

A recent study by the University of Washington* of 620 low-risk patients showed how the VELscope helped catch more than 28 lesions including 5 cases of dysplasia that were missed by the naked eye. * Edmond L. Truelove et al, General Dentistry, July/August 2011, 281-289