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Welcome to our practice- a state of the art Periodontal and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Surgical Center.   Doctors Pamela and Marshall Baldassarre pride themselves on keeping up to date. We are here to provide our patients the best care possible.

As new clinical information and technology becomes available we will try to share it with you.
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Salivary Diagnostics:   Its all about the bacteria

It has been said that the mouth is the “Window” of our health and this saying seems to be true.

More and more research is linking the bacteria from periodontal disease in our mouth to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, infertility in women, preterm birth and low birth weight.

Most recently studies suggest that the bacteria of periodontal disease put you at a 59% higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Your risk to develop these diseases is related to the specific BACTERIA in your mouth. 

Ask us about a simple test of your saliva to determine what bacteria you have in your mouth.  This test predicts your risk for developing periodontal disease and helps us determine if your periodontal disease is active (causing bone loss and inflammation)

Natural Antibacterial Gels:  Redefining Oral Health Care

Periosciences antioxidant gels are:  Naturally antibacterial and stimulates fibroblastic activity (promotes healing). 
This is a product line we are very excited about and thought you would like to know more about it.  In short- these products utilize novel combinations of specific antioxidants that work with the natural antioxidants contained in saliva. Research shows salivary antioxidants are extremely important in regulating oral health.

Computer Guided Dental Implants:  

Ask us about how we use the computer to guide us in placing your implants.  Our state of the art 3D Cone Beam Cat Scan in conjunction with a “picture” of your mouth that your dentist takes allows us to know where to put the implants, use the computer to plan and to create the guide we use at the time of surgery for you.

Computer  guided dental implants has the following benefits:

  • Less surgery needed: quicker recovery with less pain
  • More predictable placement of implants so that your dentist can make your teeth look as natural as possible
  • Shorter surgery
  • Truly see your dental needs for the first time
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Zimmer Biomet Institute  Pathway Z TM Program

American Academy of Periodontology Patient Newsletter:

  • Periodontal Health is important for Men too!
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American Academy of Periodontology Patient Newsletter:

  • What Happens in Your Mouth, Does Not Stay in Your Mouth
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Oral Cancer Screening

  • Introducing “Velscope”- state of the art visualization of oral lesions
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